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Sierra Vista,  Arizona
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2020 Quilt Challenge

POC are Jill Holsonback
This page managed by our volunteer HSQG Quilt Challenge Team
            Hummingbird Stitchers Quilt Guild
              2020 Challenge—Embellish It!

1.  Quilts can measure 12 inches wide by 18 inches long, 18 inches wide by
12 inches or 15 inches square. The quilt can have an irregular shape (i.e.
wavy or jagged edges).
2.  All quilts will consist of a quilt top, batting, backing, “finished edge”,
label and sleeve.
3.  All quilts will have at least 4 different embellishment techniques on it.
4.  Please sign up for the Challenge by emailing Jill at holsonback@cox.
net. The deadline is June 1.
5.  IMPORTANT:  For all entries please email Jill at  
by October 15 with your name, name of your quilt, size of your quilt and a
list of embellishment techniques used on your quilt.
6.  On Monday, November 2 please bring your quilt to the guild between 5:
30pm to 5:45pm.  Voting will take place at both November meetings.  
Awards will be presented at the November 4 day meeting.

Embellishing a quilt means adding elements, both fabric and non-fabric,
to the surface of a quilt. It is a way for quilters to add another layer of
texture, dimension and interest to a piece. Ranging from buttons to
recycled trash, quilt artists use virtually anything to embellish their quilts.

Quilt embellishments help the quilter tell their story through their art.
The right embellishment can add whimsy, honor, beauty or sentimental
value to a quilt. A vintage crazy quilt with a locket of a child's hair is
quite moving to see, and a Christmas quilt with bells that jingle whenever
it moves, really sets a festive mood.

A small list of possible quilt embellishments:
Crystals                                                Buttons
Beads                                                        Ribbons
Yarns and Fibers                                Charms
Sequins                                                Zippers
Sea Shells                                                Crochet
Bells                                                        Lights
Lace                                                        Pens—Inking
Rubber Stamping                                Thread Painting
Folded fabric                                        Fabric Paints
Colored pencils and crayons                Kanzashi flower
Dimensional flowers, leaves, butterflies, etc.
Embroidery—hand & machine
Trims and Braids—i.e. rickrack
Found objects                                        Pipe cleaners
Etc., etc.